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5T induction melting furnace energy saving key method
Author:induction furnace time:2019-11-06 16:18

5T induction melting furnace energy saving key method

Reasonable planning to optimize furnace operation. The amount of iron in the furnace is guaranteed to be above 25t, and it is kept above 5 furnaces. Because the induction melting furnace oven time must be guaranteed at 22.5h, the lining material can meet the specified requirements, the furnace consumes about 1000kW·h, and the amount of molten iron water has nothing to do with the oven time. And the more the number of melting furnaces, after using the tap water, the residual heat of the induction melting furnace preheats the iron material to save energy. The average melting time per furnace is 15-20rain, saving 600kW·h.

The molten iron in each furnace is about 5.5t. Generally, the remaining amount of molten iron is about 500kg after pouring. Before that, the remaining molten iron is cast into iron and returned to the furnace. Now it is directly poured into the induction melting furnace. The advantage is that the molten metal is formed in a short time. Strengthening the effect of electric energy induction and reducing the loss of electric energy due to the melting of iron blocks, thereby saving electricity. Calculated by melting 5t molten iron, the remaining molten iron is returned to the furnace, melting 130-327kW·h, saving the formation of melt time for 15min, equivalent to saving 625kW·h, and saving 755~952kW·h.



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