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Reasons for the difference in price of induction melting furnace
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Reasons for the difference in price of induction melting furnace


For example, the commonly used induction melting furnace , the price difference , which is related to the structure of the induction melting furnace , component selection, technical content, after-sales service and quality .

1, the price of the material is different

Furnace shell and yoke: the choice of the shell of the aluminum shell furnace, the weight of the standard 1T induction melting furnace is 400Kg is aluminum alloy, the thickness is 40mm, some manufacturers' shells are often not enough weight and thickness; steel The most important part of the shell furnace is the choice of the yoke. The choice of the same type of steel shell furnace yoke is different. The price difference is very large. Generally, a new high-permeability cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with Z11 should be selected, and the silicon steel sheet is made. The thickness is 0. 2 3mm,

2, the copper tube and copper row are different, resulting in different prices

The core of the induction melting furnace is that the effect of the cold extrusion copper tube and the cast copper tube of the induction coil is far from the price. The T2 cold-extruded copper tube with giant cross-section should be used. The surface insulation treatment of the copper tube is electrostatically sprayed to achieve Class H insulation. (Some manufacturers use copper or T3 copper tubes, which have poor conductivity and are prone to cracking and leaking.)

3, the choice of thyristor is different, the price is different : the quality of the thyristor used by each manufacturer is generally uneven, the quality of the thyristor is good, the reaction is fast, and the failure rate is low.Therefore, the thyristors of well-known manufacturers are selected, and the quality is reliable and stable.

4, IF power cabinets lead to different prices : regular manufacturers use standard IF power cabinets. Inappropriate factories use ordinary power distribution cabinets instead of causing price differences . 

5, the capacitor : reactive power compensation capacitance is the number of the main cabinet must be equipped with a sufficient amount, generally an amount of the compensation value of the capacitance of the power supply is 18 - 20 times, ie: capacitive compensation amount (Kvar) = (20-18 ) x power supply. And use the capacitors of regular manufacturers. 

6, reactor : The main material of the reactor is silicon steel sheet, should use the new products produced by regular manufacturers, can not use recycled second-hand silicon steel sheet.

7, technical strength

The regular manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources for researching advanced technology, with advanced equipment and exquisite technology, reflecting different aspects in terms of melting speed, power consumption and equipment failure. Many manufacturers do not have the conditions for in-plant commissioning, the cost is naturally lower, and the impact of assembly and commissioning processes on quality is very large. Different manufacturers, different processes, and different prices also produce different qualities. 

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