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1 ton induction melting furnace
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Our company has accelerated the research and development of new technology of 1 ton induction melting furnace and launched more energy-saving 1 ton induction melting furnaces . The operation of China's induction melting furnaces has entered a period of medium and high speed growth, new changes in market demand structure have occurred, and environmental protection and other industries have accelerated their development . At the same time, it has become a new engine for the development of induction melting furnaces .

R & D, manufacturing, sales, use, and maintenance of energy-saving induction melting furnaces will become mainstream, and new products will definitely bring new development opportunities to the industry.

1 ton induction melting furnace. The melting furnace heating furnace is an intermediate frequency induction heating furnace. The 600KW intermediate frequency power supply uses KGPS intermediate frequency power supply or 12-pulse intermediate frequency power supply. The load adopts parallel resonance. The 12-pulse intermediate frequency power supply eliminates the 5th and 7th harmonics and greatly reduces the harmonic interference of the power grid.  

1. Technical parameters and equipment configuration of 1 ton parallel induction melting furnace for ordinary classic lines 

Device model GWT-1 / 600 

Technical indicators (6 pulses) 

Technical indicators (12 pulses) 

IF power supply rated power 

600KW frequency 1000Hz  

600KW frequency 1000Hz 

IF power phase voltage 

3 * 660V 

6 * 660V 

IF power rectification form 

3-phase 6-pulse rectification 

6-phase 12-pulse rectifier 

IF power start mode 

Zero voltage start or sweep start 

Sweep start 

Startup success rate 

100% (including heavy load) 

100% (including heavy load) 

Rated voltage 



Rated Capacity 



Rated temperature 

1600 ℃ 

1600 ℃ 

With IF power supply specifications 

KGPS-1 / 600 IF Power Supply 

KGPS-1 / 600 IF Power Supply 

With induction melting furnace specifications 

GW-1 steel or aluminum shell induction melting furnace 

GW-1 steel or aluminum shell induction melting furnace 

Melting rate 

1 T / H  

1 T / H  




Alternating current 

555 A  

555 A  

Power factor 



Tilting method: 

Optional reducer or hydraulic 

Optional reducer or hydraulic 

Water-cooled cable 



2. Rectifier transformer (optional) 

Rectifier transformer is used to reduce the primary high-voltage power to the input voltage suitable for intermediate frequency power supply. It uses a special high-impedance oil-immersed self-cooling rectifier transformer, S11 type high-performance three-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer 630KVA. 

    This rectifier transformer generally adopts the Y / d11, Y0 connection group mode. The secondary output is two sets, one of which is a Y-type connection, and the other output is a d11-type connection. In this way, the phase of the two sets of outputs will be A difference of 30 ° from each other forms a 12-pulse rectification method. Compared with the six-pulse rectification, this rectification method can effectively suppress the 5th and 7th harmonics and reduce the interference of harmonic components on the power grid. Therefore, this rectifier transformer is used in large electric furnaces. 

Parameters of 12-pulse rectifier power transformer: 

Electric furnace capacity (t) 

Intermediate frequency power (KW) 

Transformer capacity (KVA) 

Voltage combination 

Connection group label 




Primary side 


Secondary side 






Y / d11, Y0 

6 ~ 8 


Note: There should be no-load voltage-regulating switch on the high-voltage side of the transformer. The voltage can be adjusted in five steps: -10%, -5%, 0, + 5%, + 10%. 

Second, 1 ton induction melting furnace water cooling equipment: (optional) 

According to your own situation, you can also purchase or build your own cooling pool to omit the HRBL-50T closed circulation cooling tower. 

A pool can be built at the production site, and a 1 ton induction melting furnace can be cooled by water circulation through a pump , or a complete set of combined cooling equipment can be selected. It is recommended to use HRBL-50T closed circulation cooling tower, which can save a lot of production area. The technical parameters of the 1 ton induction melting furnace with circulating water cooling are as follows: 

1 ton two- induction melting furnace water-cooled model 


Cooling capacity (kcal / h) 


Working flow (m3 / h) 


Working water pressure (Mpa) 


Inlet and outlet pipe diameter 


rated power 

Main water pump (KW) 


Fan (KW) 

0.55 * 2 

Spray pump (KW) 


Power (V)  



Overall dimensions (mm) 

1800 * 1300 * 1200 

Empty weight (kg) 


unit price 

induction melting furnace: http://www.songdaokeji.com/plus/list.php?tid=22

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