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0.75 tons sense should melting furnace
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0.75 ton induction melting furnace heating furnace melting furnace system for the production of steel castings and cast iron parts. It consists of a set of not less than 600KW variable frequency power supply and a 0.75t coreless steel shell induction melting furnace and auxiliary equipment required for normal operation Equipment composition.

Technical parameters and equipment configuration of classic line 0.75 ton parallel induction melting furnace

Device model GW-0.75 / 600

Technical index

Equipment rated power


Phase voltage


Electric furnace rated voltage


Rated Capacity

0.75T (aluminum)

Rated temperature

800 ℃

Power supply specifications

KGPS-600 / 1

Complete configuration list:

Fast IF Power


Capacitor bank






Water-cooled cable


Crucible film


Manual information


(1) Features of IF power supply:

The company's power supply uses the current perfect electronic circuit control, which has multiple protections such as overvoltage, overcurrent, voltage limiting, current limiting, phase loss, undervoltage, underwater pressure, automatic phase sequence identification, and cooling water temperature over-limit alarm protection. Features. Automatic power factor adjustment. It can realize the automatic power supply to the furnace body regardless of the change of furnace conditions during the entire cycle from cold charge to casting, so that the amount of metal smelted per degree is more complete, and the same power heating time is short, thus increasing the profit of manufacturers. Increased labor productivity.

The control circuit special integrated box is completely isolated from the high-voltage area to keep the control room clean and cool. Greatly improve the life of the control circuit board and system reliability.

The high-power converter devices of international and domestic well-known manufacturers are selected and they are operated at 50% of the rated capacity. Therefore, they have a design safety factor of 100% and increase the reliability of the entire system.

Compared with water-cooled copper bar, it uses wider air to cool the copper bar. It has more energy for heating, and its efficiency is increased, and no maintenance is needed.

The power supply starts with zero-voltage sweep frequency, without impact, and can reliably start up in no-load, heavy-load, cold-steel and other states, stable and reliable, long trouble-free time, and convenient maintenance.

(2) Heating characteristics of 0.75t induction melting furnace :

The heating speed is fast, the heating temperature is uniform, the oxidation loss is small, and the metal composition is uniform.

It can be heated directly from the cold furnace, and it is convenient to change the variety.

Superb coil design, high-quality thick-walled copper tube, through reasonable selection of the inter-turn distance of the induction coil, the induction coil has high conversion efficiency, small resistance, and more energy can be used for smelting, heating, high strength, and the coil is unlikely to cause Damage caused by arcing and expansion forces.

The solid coil support system makes each turn of the coil firmly locked, eliminating the possibility of short-circuits between turns.

Overcome the driving force of electromagnetic force and greatly extend the life of the furnace lining.

In addition, the company can also provide users with special rectifier voltage S9, S11 series

Capacity: 500KVA ~ 4000KVA 35KV or 10KV / 380V, 660V, 1250V.          

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