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quenching and tempering production line
Author:induction furnace time:2021-08-11 09:13

How many processes does the PC steel quenching and tempering production line have?

The production process of PC steel quenching and tempering production line is shown in Figure 7-16. As can be seen from the production process in the figure, as the heat treatment process of steel, there are mainly four processes of quenching heating, quenching cooling, tempering heating and tempering cooling. The work content is the same as the quenching and tempering treatment of pipes and bars. Because the processing speed of PC steel is relatively fast, the power supply structure for heating is different, and the heating speed is fast, so it is necessary to consider its own characteristics in the selection of process parameters. The selection of process parameters such as the quenching temperature, quenching cooling conditions, tempering temperature, tempering cooling conditions, and quenching and tempering holding time of PC steel are described as follows.


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