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Technical index of asbestos board for induction melting furnace
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Technical index of asbestos board for induction melting furnace

Asbestos board is the abbreviation of asbestos fiber cement slab, which is produced from asbestos, glass fiber, clay and other materials according to scientific formula. It has strong resistance to tension, withstands pressure, and can withstand about 1400°C.

Asbestos board is divided into asbestos insulation board, asbestos rubber board, and asbestos cement board.

Asbestos insulation board, also called asbestos white board, is a plate-like material made of asbestos as the main material and mixed with a certain bonding filler material. It is suitable for heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and general electrical insulation. To

1. Technical indicators of asbestos insulation board:

(1) Loss on ignition is not more than 18%; moisture is not more than 5%.

(2) The weight of 1mm thick asbestos board should not exceed 1.3Kg.

(3) Asbestos board of less than 6mm, the tensile strength is not less than 1.4kg/c㎡.

(4) When the operating temperature is not more than 1000℃, the thermal conductivity is 0.13-0.15 kcal/m/hour/degree.

(5) The allowable tolerance of length and width is ±1mm, and the allowable thickness is 12%.

2. Asbestos insulation board packaging and storage requirements:

The asbestos insulation board is packed in wooden crates and wrapped with plastic cloth. Each box has a net weight of 100kg. It cannot be thrown during loading and unloading. It should be stored in a flat, clean, and dry room. It is strictly forbidden to get wet.

3. Asbestos insulation board product application:

Asbestos insulation boards are mainly used in steel mills, aluminum plants, heat insulation layers, boiler compartments, and heat insulation.

4. Product structure and use

(1) Asbestos board is made of asbestos and bonding materials. Suitable for heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and electrical insulation.

(2) This product implements the building standard 11-59 standard

(3) Technical and physical properties of the product

The bottom plate of asbestos induction melting furnace can be processed and customized in various models and specifications.

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