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On-line monitoring and control system for coil cooling water of induction melting furnace
Author:induction furnace time:2021-04-16 18:19

On-line monitoring and control system for coil cooling water of induction melting furnace

Induction melting furnaces are widely used in the metallurgical industry. During use, the induction coil needs to be cooled by circulating water to take away the heat generated during the molten steel melting process and ensure the normal operation of the induction coil. However, in the use of most induction melting furnaces, especially small-scale induction melting furnaces used in scientific research institutes and laboratories, the coil cooling water circulation system is simple in design, and there are potential safety hazards. When installing the equipment, only install a pressure gauge on the water inlet pipe to display the water inlet pressure. When the induction coil or the pipe between the induction coil and the pressure gauge is blocked due to various reasons, the pressure gauge will still show that the water pressure is normal, making the technicians mistakenly believe that The circulating water system is operating normally. If it is not handled in time, the cooling water circulation in the induction coil will be interrupted. The heat of the molten steel cannot be quickly transferred and taken away at high temperatures. It is very easy to scald the induction coil, resulting in steel leakage and explosion, resulting in equipment damage and Personal injury.

Aiming at the shortcomings in the prior art, a safety protection control system for the induction coil and the operator is provided by real-time monitoring of the inflow and outflow water flow and temperature of the induction coil.

The on-line monitoring and control system for the cooling water of the induction melting furnace coil is characterized in that the system is to install the first water temperature tester (4) and the first electromagnetic flow on the water inlet pipe connecting the cooling water tank (1) and the induction coil (2) A meter (3), a second water temperature tester (6) and a second electromagnetic flow meter (5) are installed on the return water pipeline connecting the induction coil (2) and the cooling water tank (1); the second electromagnetic flow meter (5) ) The signal output terminal is equipped with a flow lower limit alarm device (electric bell). Preferably, the first water temperature tester (4) and the second water temperature tester (6) are both BRT-XTIA temperature testers; the first electromagnetic flowmeter (3) and the second electromagnetic flowmeter (5) are all models It is LDG-MK electromagnetic flowmeter. The new system can effectively control the stability of the heat exchange of the induction coil during the smelting process, save energy, significantly extend the service life of the coil, and improve the 



















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