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New Tandem Induction Melting Furnace
Author:induction furnace time:2020-03-19 16:28


The new series induction melting furnace is a series resonance dual-powered induction melting furnace. The advantage of series resonance is that when the series resonance system is in a normal working state, its rectification part is fully open, and the object of control is the output power of the inverter part, that is, series Resonance adjusts the output power of the induction melting furnace by adjusting the inverter, so the induction melting furnace can be one-for-two or more-for-one under this system.

This series resonance induction melting furnace can work at the same time or work independently, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the transformer. The intermediate frequency power supply is provided with an isolation switch between the rectification part and the inverter part. Inverter adopts the current excellent optical fiber triggering system. In the case of a fault on one side of the inverter, the faulty side can be isolated and the other side can continue to work. A safety grounding switch with a safety interlock function is installed at the power output. When one of the furnace body parts is to be repaired, the isolation switch only needs to be opened. At this time, the furnace body part will be automatically grounded to ensure the safety of the operator. , And the other side of the furnace can operate normally.

The induction melting furnace power cabinet cabinet adopts a fully enclosed structure design, and the cabinet is made of 3mm steel plate as a whole. The protection grade is IP55. The main power cabinet adopts a split modular design, which facilitates the installation and transportation of the equipment. All the originals used in the entire system are from well-known and reliable brands, and they must be strictly tested and screened after arriving at the factory. This series resonant dual-supply induction melting furnace is also equipped with a computer-aided management system, which can not only display real-time data and information about the power supply operation, but also the operating status and information of the entire system, and has automatic insulation, oven, and cold furnace startup. Features such as fault archiving.

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