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Project example of mobile hood for intermediate frequency furnace
Author:induction furnace time:2020-02-04 19:38

The design of the hood part is a set of low-moving hood for each group of intermediate frequency furnace. The fume hood is provided with high and low beams, and a track is installed above the fume hood on the track. The high-end beam is set on the plant pillar on the platform side through the support, and the low-end beam is set on the ground. The specific size of the hood is determined without affecting the turning and feeding of the movable platform of the intermediate frequency furnace.


Compared with the above two types of smoke collection, the low-position mobile dust collection hood has the following characteristics:

1. The system air volume requirements are reasonable, the investment is low, the structure is firm, the service life is long, and the operation is simple.

2. When feeding, the problem of smoke emission is solved. When tapping, the tapping pit is covered by the hood, and tapping is completed in the hood, which realizes the whole process of capturing flue gas during smelting, feeding and tapping of the intermediate frequency furnace.

3. The most fundamental feature of the mobile hood of the intermediate frequency furnace developed by our company is that the flue gas capture efficiency is as high as 95%, which can effectively solve the problem of difficult gas capture during feeding and tapping, and realize the intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking process. The whole process of smoke capture.

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