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4 common faults of intermediate frequency heating furnace
Author:induction furnace time:2020-01-20 10:36

4 common faults of intermediate frequency heating furnace

Intermediate frequency heating equipment often has trouble problems. Today, let the intermediate frequency heating furnace sales manufacturers organize the common main circuit and control circuit failure processing methods as follows, I hope to help everyone. The following are common faults during the operation of the equipment.

1.No reaction during startup

① Rectifier board failure

② Overcurrent and overvoltage protection actions;

③ The main switch is not closed properly;

④ Control power regulator potentiometer is damaged or disconnected;

⑤ The rectifier control power supply is broken.

2. Only the DC voltmeter has instructions, others have no response

① The inverter board and inverter circuit are faulty;

② Inverter power failure. There is no 22V power supply for the inverter pulse.

Note: When the phase voltage of the power supply is higher than 240V, it is easy to damage the control power transformer.

3. The start cannot be successful when starting, and the DC current is very large, and the DC voltage is very low (tens of volts)

① There is a direct short-circuit phenomenon in the inverter part (such as short circuit between copper bars, breakdown of electric heating capacitors, etc.)

② There is a problem with the inverter control circuit and the signal taking part (open or short circuit)

③ There are multiple simultaneous damage phenomena of the inverter thyristor (can be measured by multimeter R × 1 gear).


4. There are occasional frequency sounds during startup, but each meter is oscillating, or after starting, each meter is oscillating. After the power is increased, the overcurrent or overvoltage is defective. ① The inverter control board is defective.

② The working angle of small tf is not adjusted properly.

③ The water cable is broken or the cable screws are loose.

④ If the furnace is short-circuited or grounded, the output circuit may be short-circuited.

⑤ Defective thyristor.

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