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Notes on the use of intermediate frequency induction furnace
Author:induction furnace time:2020-01-20 10:25

Notes on the use of intermediate frequency  induction furnace

   Intermediate frequency induction furnace is one of our main products. Induction furnace should pay attention to the following issues in use:

   First, when the electrical circuit is faulty, it should be repaired in time. When inspecting trenches, induction coils, cooling water pipes and other electrical appliances, care should be taken to prevent themselves and other personnel from electric shock.

   Second, pay attention to the surrounding personnel to take the sample, so as not to burn the steel.

   3. When the water stoppage is found, the insulation layer of the furnace leakage and induction coil is cracked and water leakage, the furnace should be stopped for maintenance immediately.

   Fourth, the speed of lifting the ladle should not be too fast, and the molten steel should not be overfilled. Such as pouring by hand to pour, should cooperate with each other when walking, do not rush and stop. If the molten steel is spilled, put it down firmly and do not throw the bag.

   5. When dismantling intermediate frequency furnaces with a capacity of more than half a ton, they should take care of each other and cooperate with each other, and someone should direct them when disassembling and assembling.

   Six, the main power switch must be cut off after stopping the furnace, and the water valve can only be left after closing.

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