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Intermediate frequency furnace control pulse waveform schematic
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Intermediate frequency furnace control pulse waveform schematic

Intermediate frequency furnace rectification pulse:

Features: double-modulated pulse, the pulse interval two 60 [deg.], Each modulation pulse is 4 to 8, the sequence of small pulses, a total width of about 1000 [mu] S . Usually pulse amplitude . 4 ~ 8V , a small pulse width should be greater than 100 [mu] S .


Intermediate frequency furnace control circuit phase shift range:

Use a dual-trace oscilloscope to trace a phase of the secondary side of the synchronous transformer ( A , B, or C phase), and another trace to the corresponding tube ( 1 , 3, or 5#KP ) . When the potentiometer is raised from zero to maximum The position of the pulse relative to the synchronous voltage is shifted from the position of the following figure ( A ) to the position of ( B ).


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