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 Medium-frequency electric furnace and scrap iron scrap high-speed casting molten iron method
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Technical field:

    The invention belongs to a process for casting molten iron, in particular to an intermediate frequency electric furnace and

Method of casting molten iron with scrap iron scraps.

Background technique:

    At present, casting molten iron mainly adopts cupola melting technology, which uses pig iron as the original

Material, using coke as fuel, slagging with limestone, blowing air to support combustion, and finally smelting molten iron,

The waste residue is discharged outside the furnace, and the dust and waste gas are discharged into the atmosphere. This process method has the following defects:

1. A large amount of coke needs to be consumed, 300Kg of coke per ton of castings . 2. Generated

A large amount of dust, smoke and carbon dioxide exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere, seriously polluting the air;

Waste residue contaminates soil and water. 3. Pig iron must be used as raw material, and the production cost is high. 4. Product

Poor quality, the scrap rate is as high as 15% 5. A single variety, limited to the production of gray cast iron. Against

The above deficiencies in the cupola melting technology, some manufacturers began to use the intermediate frequency electric furnace for melting

Smelting, but still using pig iron as a raw material, and can only be used for steelmaking.

Summary of the invention:

    The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the deficiencies in the above-mentioned prior art, and

To provide a method of casting molten iron using intermediate frequency electric furnace and scrap iron scraps, this method can not only greatly reduce

Low production cost, high product quality and no environmental pollution.

    The technical scheme of the invention is: a method for casting molten iron by using an intermediate frequency electric furnace and scrap iron scraps

The method is characterized in that scrap iron scraps are loaded into the medium-frequency electric furnace and added into the medium-frequency electric furnace at the same time

Carbon enhancer, add ferrosilicon and ferromanganese in the medium frequency electric furnace 10-30 minutes before the molten iron

Silicon and manganese content in high cast iron.

    The above-mentioned molten iron is tested for carbon equivalent, carbon content, silicon content and molten iron temperature.

    The above carburizer uses coke powder.

    The preparation ratio of the above iron filings, ferrosilicon and ferromanganese is 0.07: 0.04 .

    The invention has the following advantages and positive effects:

    1. Because scrap iron scraps are used as raw materials and coke foam is used as a carburizing agent, it can be large

Reduce the production cost of castings. Each ton of castings can reduce costs by 20% .

    2. No dust, carbon dioxide and other waste gas are produced during the production process, and no slag. Therefore,

Protected the environment and the health of workers.

    3. It can reduce energy consumption by 38.7% .

    4. The product quality is high, and the scrap rate can be reduced to 5% .

    5. Can produce various products such as ductile iron castings and steel castings.

    6. The process is simple.

detailed description:

    A method of casting molten iron using intermediate frequency electric furnace and scrap iron scraps, the carbon content is 2.7%

The scrap iron scraps IOOKg are installed in the intermediate frequency electric furnace, and at the same time, the carburizer (coke) is added in the intermediate frequency electric furnace

Charcoal powder) 0.14Kg smelting for 60 minutes (the amount of carbonizer added is inversely related to the carbon content of scrap iron scrap

ratio). Add ferrosilicon 0.07Kg and 0.04Kg manganese to the medium frequency electric furnace 15 minutes before the molten iron is released

Iron to increase the content of silicon and manganese in cast iron. When the molten iron is released from the furnace, the carbon equivalent, carbon content,

For the detection of silicon content and hot metal temperature, the carbon equivalent should be between 3.05% and 3.6% .

Between 3.0-3.5% , silicon content between 1.8-2.3% , hot metal temperature is 15oo


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