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Selection of the cross-section and cooling capacity design of the machine tool guide rail quenching equipment sensor
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1. The machine tool guide quenching equipment sensor connects the chuck and the bus bar

There are mainly directly mounted card chucks and auxiliary external chucks. Direct chucks are mostly used in high-frequency, ultra-audio quenching machine tools with power below 200kW . The chucks are directly connected to the output port of the transformation mechanism of the quenching machine tool. The method is generally induced by trapezoidal fast compression bolts or side cam pressure blocks. This method makes the sensor replacement and installation quick and easy. It is mostly used for induction hardening of gears, shafts and small deformed parts. The auxiliary chuck is mainly used for the quenching of the bed (bed saddle) of the intermediate frequency machine tool and the multi-function quenching of the spindle. The inductor is connected to the quenching transformer through the auxiliary chuck. This method can effectively improve the versatility of the sensor and the quenching machine tool, so that the same sensor can be used on various quenching machine tools. This method can extend the output port of the sensor, reduce the size of the sensor, and increase the conversion speed of the quenched workpiece. Especially in the quenching of the main shaft, the use of the auxiliary chuck can make the main shaft quenching realize one-time lifting and complete the quenching of multiple parts. In order to facilitate process preparation and tooling design, the corresponding connection chucks and busbars are classified as standard series for selection.

2. Induction machine cooling water pipe of machine tool guide rail quenching equipment

Circular and rectangular cross-section is generally used as the cooling water pipe copper tube, a cooling tube wherein more rectangular, with a rectangular cross section because the bus, chuck or electrical sensing conductor contact surface, good cooling effect, the welding electrical work good. The cooling water pipe is connected with a water nozzle joint to the water supply pipe. In order to facilitate the connection with the hose, the diameter of the water nozzle joint is changed to a circular pipe, and the water supply pipe and the cooling water pipe can also be connected by a quick pull connection.

3. Machine Tool quenching equipment inductor electrical sensing conductor

) Cross-section selection and cooling capacity design

Hollow copper tube is an electrical sensing conductor over the production of materials, because one is pure copper having a good current conductivity; the other is the presence of high-frequency current strong skin effect, and can ensure a high frequency current hollow tube Pass low consumption and save material; the third is that pure copper tube has good work hardening and annealing softening. After softening and annealing, it can eliminate work hardening and make it more flexible and easy to form. In the early induction technology, substantially circular cross-section copper tube employed as an electrical sensing conductor but with the popularity of sensor technology, users strict, rectangular pipe induction hardened level required electrical sensing conductor gradually replaced Round electrically sense conductor. Rectangular tube electrical advantages sensing conductor is: electrically uniform gap somatosensory quenching surface, the maximum heating surface can be obtained, as shown in FIG as shown in FIG. 2a rectangular tube and FIG. 2b Round electrical induction sensing conductor formed on the steel surface The heating result is different. Further, FIG. rectangular electrical sensing conductors easy to locate the position of the jetting port, processing, and easy to use standard permeable mate.




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