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Water circulation system of steel strand induction heating furnace
Author:induction furnace time:2020-04-28 14:07

The steel strand induction heating furnace is an induction heating furnace for removing the prestress of the steel strand

When the induction heating furnace is working, it needs to move back and forth. The traditional treatment of return water is to directly drain to the trench, and then flow to the reservoir through the trench. Because it is an open trench, it can sometimes contaminate the water, causing problems with cooling water pollution.

The induction heating furnace is realized in this wayincluding hose , water collector , return water booster pump , induction heating furnace , reservoir , heat exchanger , bushing , hose joint , supply Water pump , water supply valve 10 , pressure gauge 11 , filter 12 and diverter valve 13 , the device is a sealed pipeline, one end of the sealed pipeline is connected to the water collector , the other end is inserted into the reservoir , the casing is fixed to the tube outside the hose in turn is connected to the sump , the induction heating furnace , a heat exchanger , the filter 12 , the reservoir .

The induction heating furnace also adopts the following technical solutions:

Reservoir and the hose connector is provided between the return booster pump . A shunt valve 13 is provided between the induction heating furnace and the heat exchanger . A water supply pump , a water supply valve 10 , and a pressure gauge 1 1 are provided between the filter 12 and the reservoir , respectively . Tube passes between hose connector is connected

The purpose of the induction heating furnace is that the circulating water is always in a closed state during the return water cycle of the entire induction heating furnace , which prevents the water from being contaminated during the return process.




Specific implementation

  In another embodiment, the sealed pipe includes a moving part and a fixed part. The moving part includes a die and a sleeve that can slide on the die. There is an open slot on the die, and an open slot on the outer sleeve. There is a water inlet pipe on the pipe sleeve, and the sliding piece of the open groove can be sealed on both sides of the water inlet pipe. The water inlet pipe is connected to the water collector , and the water outlet of the water inlet pipe is directly opposite to the opening slot.

    The closed pipe includes a swinging hose and a fixed metal pipe. One end of the swinging hose is connected to the water collector , and the other end of the swinging hose is connected to the fixed pipe. When the induction heating furnace reciprocates , the swinging hose The hose swings around with the induction heating furnace .

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