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Vanadium-nitrogen alloy automatic vertical intermediate frequency induction heating furnace
Author:induction furnace time:2020-04-20 13:38

 Vanadium nitrogen alloy fully automatic vertical intermediate frequency induction heating furnace , including exhaust ignition device (1) , automatic feeding device (2) , furnace body (3) , air intake system and automatic discharge system (10) , automatic discharge system (10) Including the cooler ( 11 ) , the graphite turn bowl (12) is introduced by the cooler (II) and held by the supporting manipulator (13) , there is a space between the cooler (11) and the vacuum chamber (15) The gate (14) of the opening and closing, the tray (19) of the discharge cylinder (17) is located in the vacuum chamber (15) , the cylinder rod (20) of the discharge cylinder is connected under the tray (19) , and the side of the vacuum chamber (15) is provided There are vacuum chamber door (16) , vacuum pump (18) and vacuum chamber (15)connection. The present invention employs a furnace shell sealed double-shell design, to ensure anaerobic furnace, an automatic feeding method can be one -time automatically vanadium-nitrogen alloy production process and reduction of metal nitriding process, high production efficiency


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