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Quick check table 2 when induction melting furnace malfunctions
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Fault location

Failure performance

Cause and inspection method



1. The inverter cannot start, only DC current, no DC voltage and intermediate frequency voltage

1. Check if the SCR is burned out

1. Replace the SCR and check the short circuit

2. Three-bridge inverter, difficult to start, large DC current, large ratio of intermediate frequency voltage to DC voltage (generally greater than )

2. Check whether the voltages of the four bridge arms are consistent, and see if there is any abnormality. You can compare the upper bridge with the upper bridge, and compare the lower bridge with the lower bridge

2. Replace the abnormal SCR

3. The indicator of the inverter pulse board is off

3. Observation plate inverter pulse, the pulse indicator is 
whether the same lighting and brightness, may be removed one GK whether the line is a circuit board problems observed

3. Replace the inverter pulse board

4. Inverter can be started. Inverter fails or trips when increasing power, often accompanied by overvoltage and overcurrent

4. Check whether the resistance between the inverter thyristors and is normal (generally 10-25R ), if it is abnormal, check the thyristor output line to see if it is a line problem or a thyristor problem

4. Replace the thyristor, replace the line, you can temporarily pull two wires 
for replacement, and replace it after the production is completed

Inverter pulse board

1. Inverter pulse board indicator does not light

1. Remove one of the and lines next to the non-lighting indicator 
, and observe whether the light is on. The light indicates that there is a problem with the thyristor and the problem with the non-lighting board.

1. Replace the thyristor or pulse board

2. Tripping phenomena such as overcurrent and overvoltage

2. Each element of the inverter of the pulse plate removed, check board 
member loose off phenomenon, in particular connection 
terminal without loosening

2. If there is looseness, it should be welded in 
time and replaced if necessary

3. Burning SCR

3. Check whether the thyristor burns out the short circuit phenomenon

3. Replace the SCR, the replacement pulse 
impingement plate

Inverter pulse board

4. Burn the main control board

4. near check the motherboard pulse output triode 
no burn mark

4. Replace the main board, replace the pulse 

5. When there is spare available replacement method taste 
test, but must ensure correct connection

5. Replace the pulse board

Main control board

1. The inverter cannot be started without any response

1. Check whether there are potentiometers or power problems, 
rotary potentiometer to measure the potential on the output line of three board the GND 73 is ) and Vg 74 should 0-15V voltage

1. When the main control board fails, sometimes it is not obvious that it is not easy to judge. When there is a spare, it can be replaced by the replacement method first, but the wiring must be correct, especially the wiring of the rectified pulse

2. The circuit board indicator is not normal

2. Check if the power voltage is normal, according to the means 
denoted lamp determination, whether lamp should be lit

3. There is a trip phenomenon


1. The power is suddenly high and low , and the power changes back and forth when the potentiometer is shaken

1. Check whether the voltage output from the potentiometer to the terminal of the main control board is 0-15V (or 0-10V ) smoothly rising and falling

1. Replace the potentiometer

2. Cause a trip

2. Check whether the line is normal

2. Replace the line

Power capacitor

1. The inverter cannot start

1. Disconnect one end of the water cable and the other end of the cabinet to measure whether there is a short circuit between the electrode of the capacitor terminal and the electrode of the water nozzle. If there is a circuit, disassemble the copper bar to measure the specific location

1. When the other terminals of the short-circuit capacitor are normal, you can disconnect the damaged terminal, or cut it off and continue to use it

2. Sudden trip or inverter failure during power up, 
overvoltage and overcurrent

2. Check to see whether the capacitance of the resistance is too small, or drain 
oil severe capacitance, try to remove it after

2. Replace or remove it

Induction coil

1. Trip caused by short circuit, sometimes burning SCR phenomenon

1. Check if the coil has a short turn-to-turn 

1. The distance between the turns should be pryed apart 
and covered with glue board

2. There is a fire phenomenon

2. Check the coil for leaks 

2. Find the leaking point to weld, blow dry the leaking


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