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New induction heating furnace for elbow and elbow
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At present, the elbows produced by the stamping method in China have serious indentation, uneven wall thickness, poor geometric angle, low quality, and high labor intensity; the outer arc drawing of elbow elbows produced by the same diameter cold push method Thinning, thickening of internal arc, uneven wall thickness, large machining volume of mechanical flat mouth, waste of raw materials, low production efficiency, limitations, unable to produce large, medium caliber medium and high pressure 180 elbows; single and double with intermediate frequency induction hardening transformer The seamless elbows and elbows made by the diameter heating method can only produce carbon steel and alloy steel elbows with small and medium diameters of 426mm in diameter, and cannot produce elbows and elbows of other metal materials. The above three methods for producing elbows and elbows can not meet the needs of producing seamless elbows and elbows of various sizes and models with large, medium and low caliber, medium and high pressure.

The new induction heating furnace provides a variety of specifications that can overcome the above-mentioned defects of the existing technology and can produce nonferrous metals copper, titanium, nickel, aluminum and their alloys, and stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other metal materials. , Low pressure large, medium and small diameter wall thickness and high quality seamless elbow elbow medium frequency induction multi-turn heating furnace.

A new type of induction heating furnace for elbows and elbows : it includes a movable bracket and a heating furnace. The heating furnace is a conical multi-turn heating ring made of copper tube. Each side of the conical multi-turn heating ring has a certain radius of curvature The arc-shaped insulating plate, the insulating plate and the conical multi-ring heating ring are fixed by bolts. The two ends of the conical multi-ring heating ring are connected to the intermediate frequency power supply by the binding posts. The type of rigging screw buckle is connected and hoisted on the movable slide of the movable bracket, so as to move up, down, left, and right. The advantage is that the furnace temperature can reach 1250 degrees, the furnace temperature is constantly adjustable, the installation is convenient, and it is suitable for moving. Strong versatility, safety and reliability. The internal and external surfaces of the product are smooth, with equal wall thickness, good geometric angle, and high production efficiency. It can meet the requirements of expanding and pushing m 32-820mm, called wall thickness Sch5s-Sch160 and extra-thick wall non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other metal materials The various specifications and models of high, medium and low pressure 450-900-180 seamless elbow elbow or expansion pipe to push seamless pipes of various metal materials, but also thermal expansion and same diameter push DN800-DN3500 straight seam welded pipe and spiral Tube 45 degrees -90 degrees -180 degrees Used for elbow elbow.



Fig. is a schematic front view.


Fig. is a schematic plan view.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Referring to FIG. 1 and FIG. , the multi-ring induction heating furnace includes a movable bracket , and the heating furnace is made of purple

Conical multi-turn heating ring made of copper tube, one on each side of the conical multi-turn heating ring

The diameter of the arc-shaped insulating plate , the curvature radius of the insulating plate should be consistent with the curvature radius of the product produced, absolutely

The flange plate and the conical multi-ring heating ring are fixed by bolts, and the two ends of the conical multi-ring heating ring have binding posts

7. The insulating plates on both sides are connected and hoisted on the movable bracket through the ring and the open rigging screw respectively.

Sliding the movable plate on .



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