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New one to two induction melting furnace
Author:induction furnace time:2020-03-19 14:38


The new one-to-two induction melting furnace entered the era of new induction melting furnace + induction melting furnace in 2020. It can be one-for-one induction melting furnace, one-for-two induction melting furnace, or one-for-multiple induction melting furnace.

The electrical parts of the new one-to-two induction melting furnace include power rectifier transformers, intermediate frequency power cabinets, compensation capacitor banks, and electromechanical control circuits.

Performance and rating of new one-to-two induction melting furnace (based on cast iron)

1. System: one set of intermediate frequency power output, two open furnaces

2. Model: 800KW-5000KW, 300HZ-300HZ series resonance double output intermediate frequency power cabinet, 1T-10T open steel frame furnace

3. Furnace capacity: rated capacity 1000kg (cast iron), zui large capacity 10000kg.

4. Furnace crucible size: a) Inner diameter of the molten pool: 1150mm

b) Melt pool height: 1700mm

c) Total height: 2000mm

5. Refractory material: Furnace lining material: 3000kg

6. Rated power: 5000KW (one set)

7. Rated frequency: 300HZ

8. Power consumption (measured on the system side): 530KWH / T ± 5%

The power consumption should be measured under the following conditions:

i. 1000KG cast iron melts to 1550 ℃

ii. Hot furnace status after the second furnace

iii. Timely and effective feeding of operating workers

iv. The furnace lid is closed

v. The charge is in good condition and the size is right

9. Transformer: (12-pulse rectifier transformer)

10. Power factor: The rectifier part of the power cabinet adopts a fully open design, so the power factor is high, always> = 0.95

11. Higher harmonics: The rectifier part of the power cabinet adopts a fully open design and uses uncontrollable rectification, so the power factor of the system is high, and the high harmonic components are small. In the case of a normal power supply network and a reference short-circuit capacity of 150 MVA, the higher harmonic components of the melting system comply with the relevant voltage levels in the national standard GB / T14549-93D. The supplier provides a high-order harmonic calculation book.

Noise: ≤85dB (less background noise) is measured at one meter from the furnace on the operating platform.

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