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How to choose induction heating equipment? Avoid getting caught in the merchant price trap
Author:induction furnace time:2020-01-16 10:36

How to choose induction heating equipment? Avoid getting caught in the merchant price trap

 When selecting induction heating equipment, you need to select the power and frequency of the induction heating equipment according to the requirements of the workpiece, and then select the appropriate supplier according to the production situation. When you choose a product, you need to consider its comprehensive use cost. Of course, the price is of concern to you. So how do you avoid entering the price trap by mistake?

I. Power selection of induction heating equipment

At present, there are only a few companies in the field of small induction heating equipment (400KW) with independent intellectual property rights, independent high-level research and development teams, and a full range of products. Most companies are only imitations and assembly, so even The quality of products with the same power (calibration) varies greatly between different manufacturers. Buying a practical, affordable product is what every user expects.

In order to make huge profits, some domestic production enterprises have adjusted the parameters to increase the power of low-power equipment, such as adjusting 30KW equipment to 40-50KW, and selling it as 45KW equipment. As a result, the small horse-drawn cart, with heavy equipment load, will shorten the service life of the equipment. The product that could normally be used for 5 years was scrapped in one or two years. This situation is not noticeable for a short time, but it is only a matter of time. Moreover, due to the change of parameters, the compatibility of the equipment becomes worse, the mutual interference is serious, and there are many failures, which affects production. The way to avoid this is to find large domestic manufacturers, or listen to peer reviews.

1, Comparison of same used power

2, Comparison of the same workpiece

As the saying goes, you are not afraid of not knowing the goods, you are afraid of comparing the goods. When you take the workpiece to the supplier, you will get different heating time, the shortest heating power, and find similar models for screening.

Second, the power trap of induction heating equipment

Because the price of the equipment is closely related to the power of the equipment, the larger the power, the higher the price, so the power standard has become a common method to mislead customers. Usually has the following concentrated performance:

1. Power is referred to as oscillating power.

2. The enterprise calibrates the oscillating power as the output power or simply the power in general.

3. Do not write the power, calibrate the input current number to the model, so that customers mistakenly think that the following literacy is the power of the machine.

4. Random labeling, low power is written as high power.

In fact, no matter what kind of situation you encounter, as long as you pay attention to it, it is not difficult to distinguish. Practice is to check the product standard. You can ask the other party to install the equipment in your factory and perform on-site testing. If possible, you can try it for a few days.

Three, current display of induction heating equipment

Usually low power equipment (oscillating power below 30KW) most companies use light-emitting diodes to display the size of the current, but it cannot truly display the size of the power, it can only be used as a reference to adjust the power. When the oscillating power is above 30KW, a standard meter of voltage (oscillation) and current (oscillation) should be used. When the equipment is working, the operating voltage (oscillation) and current (oscillation) are displayed intuitively. The enterprise cannot falsify, and it is also convenient for the operator to be objective and accurate. Master the machine running status. If such high-power devices still use light-emitting diodes for display, be careful.

IV. Transformer performance of induction heating equipment

High-power equipment generally separates the main power supply and the induction coil transformer. The performance of the transformer directly affects the efficiency of the induction coil. Some transformers are oil-immersed. This type of transformer is relatively backward and easily polluted. Once damaged, it is almost It cannot be repaired and has no value for repair. It is an obsolete product. Now most companies use dry-type transformers.

The transformers are not exactly the same because of different workpieces. For example, when an induction heating equipment with an output of 30KW is used for welding, its induction coil is 1-2, and when the induction heating equipment is annealed, its induction coil is 4-8, under the premise of ensuring the normal output of the induction coil. The greater the number, the more uniformly the workpiece is heated, and the stronger the equipment's ability to handle shaped workpieces.

The above is the answer to how to choose induction heating equipment. Good products should have good stability, cost performance, adaptability, etc., and also need fast and thoughtful after-sales service. 

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