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What methods can makeintermediate frequency furnace more energy efficient
Author:induction furnace time:2019-12-12 22:11

As a heating device, the  intermediate frequency furnace  is used to heat the production through the conversion of current. The invention and application of the intermediate frequency furnace  have played a very important role for the industrial industry. The intermediate frequency furnace is more energy efficient.

1. In general, fast furnaces are more energy efficient and slower than slow furnaces, but now fast furnaces have slowly replaced slow furnaces.

2. Stable power is needed when feeding. When the power is stable, feeding can make the equipment work as efficiently as possible.

3. Precisely control the temperature of the molten iron. If the temperature is too high, the power consumption will be greater.

4. Select the appropriate equipment according to the actual situation. If the electric furnace is too large or too small, it will generate unnecessary power consumption. The casting time will also affect the power consumption. It is best to control the casting within 10 minutes.

5. The medium-frequency furnaces in the market are mixed with each other. When choosing the right electric furnace, you also need to consider whether it is high-end. The electric furnace that resists not only has a large power consumption, but also often requires problems to be maintained.

6. The inlet of the electric furnace must be the best, and it must be large enough, otherwise the long-term loss will be quite large.

7. Develop a good startup habit, draw the power as much as possible and reduce the time for heat preservation and baking. The power consumption is very large when the power is not full.

8. Improving transformer utilization is also equivalent to saving electricity. A 630KVA transformer should be able to melt 13-15T tons of molten iron within 10 hours. If you can only produce 10-11 tons, your average electricity price must be higher than him.

9. The use of intermediate frequency furnaces also requires scientific baking, keeping the water temperature around 55 degrees, and intermittent water supply, which can smoothly discharge water vapor.

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