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Mid-frequency furnace induction coil 5 features
Author:induction furnace time:2019-11-11 13:55

Mid-frequency furnace induction coil 5 features

1. Thick-walled induction coils will provide more smelting energy. Thick-walled induction coils have larger current-carrying cross-sections than other cross-section induction coils, so the coil resistance is low, more energy can be used for melting. The thickness of the wall is uniform, so its strength is higher than that of the coil structure with uneven wall and thinner wall. That is to say, the coil of this structure of Rongtai is not easy to be damaged by arc and expansion.

2. The open space between the turns of the induction coil improves the electrical efficiency and reduces the water vapor.

 After repeated practice, we have space for the turns of the induction coils designed to improve the efficiency of the current carrying of the coils, and to make the water vapor in the lining material easily volatilized. In the furnace body without gap-type induction coils, A common problem is that the coil is often affected by the magnetic field of the adjacent coil, which increases the impedance from the surface.

3, the coil design principle

The coil is the heart of the induction furnace. The induction coil generates a strong magnetic field under the action of current, which causes the metal in the furnace to generate eddy currents and generate heat. Coils are the key to converting electrical energy into heat, so the design of the coil is very important. The coil of the furnace is combined with the actual use of the induction furnace. According to the principle of electromagnetic field, the better solution determined by the calculation of computer professional software adopts the latest coil anti-winding technology (double induction coil parallel) to better collect the magnetic field. Increase the magnetic field stirring force, the error between the design power of the induction coil and the actual running power is not more than 5%. The insulation of the coil, especially the inter-turn insulation, is ensured by advanced insulation treatment. The special clamping technology can effectively reduce the coil. Axial vibration.

4, the open bottom of the furnace reduces water vapor

 The open bottom design is easy to ventilate, avoiding the accumulation of moisture. In the event of a leak, the damage can be reduced.

5, the cooling ring extends the life of the lining

 Good cooling of the lining not only provides better insulation and thermal properties, but also improves the life of the lining. In order to achieve this, Rongtai has added a cooling ring at the top and bottom during the design of the furnace so that the water only Can achieve the purpose of uniform furnace lining temperature, and reduce thermal expansion. Due to the use of low heat consumption, high-strength copper cooling ring, greatly improving the efficiency of the electric furnace.

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