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Billet online heating device business offer
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Billet online heating device business offer

Serial number




Unit price (yuan)


IF power cabinet

(including compensation capacitor)



KGPS-3000KW / 1000HZ a


2 sets

ASIC-2 integrated, all digital, phase sequence self-identification, constant power sweep frequency zero-voltage soft start (with repeat) with overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, phase loss protection, control board undervoltage protection, real-time water temperature, water pressure Detection and alarm


Inductor, heating furnace body


For each set, the size of the sensor is 450mm, 6 sections and intermediate feeding roller 200mm 4 sets, plus feeding roller, discharging roller 200mm 2 sets, the total length of heating furnace body is 3900mm


1 set

Suitable for (slab size 150x150mm12m) and (slab size 130x130mm12m) two specifications

Here, a sensor can be used. One sensor is suitable for all billets. The size of the billet is not much different. It is not necessary to use two sets of sensors. Hebei Hengyuan uses two sets of sensors. When the billet is heated, the sensor has to be replaced. It is too much trouble to replace the sensor.



PLC center console

(piano console)


The control part adds the PLC to the human machine interface (HMI), sets parameters in real time, displays parameters such as power, voltage, current, power factor, temperature, etc. and can save the print. When replacing the product, quickly pick up the products 1, 2, 3...11 It can control the conveying speed, billet heating time, etc., and is intuitive and reliable.


1 set

Temperature closed-loop PID control, real-time control of heating temperature, heating power, feed rate adjustment, two-point temperature measurement, temperature measurement at the feed and temperature measurement at the discharge port, automatically correct the operating parameters according to the temperature difference, ie automatically adjust the power of the intermediate frequency power supply . Here, it is only necessary to quickly take the product 1 ( 150 blank ) 2 ( 130 blank ) to control the conveying speed and power to complete the slab temperature uniformity.


Temperature Control System


1 set

High temperature dual colorimetric infrared thermometer with 1400 °C accuracy ± 0.3 % +1 °C (Xi'an Ruiguang)

Plc programmable controller (Siemens S7-200)


Induction heater

(heating the body bed )


Feeding , discharging and roller mechanical device plus frequency control


Power control cabinet (frequency control)


Rectifier transformer


1 set

ZS11-315 0 KVA /10KV/66OV



Incoming copper busbar

Within 10 meters

Two sets of 1500kw intermediate frequency power supply cabinets are used, and the incoming copper busbars are 2 sets. If 3000kw intermediate frequency power supply is used, the incoming copper busbars are 1 set, but the price is basically the same.

2 sets

The copper wire of the incoming line of the transformer to the intermediate frequency power supply cabinet, where the current is large, the copper row must be used.




Transportation and packaging of equipment


1 set

To Tianjin Port


The cost of the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

The purchaser is responsible for the tolls and accommodation of the supplier. The time required to guide the installation and commissioning personnel is calculated in 15 days, and over 15 days, the purchaser pays the supplier according to the calculation of 100 US dollars/day.


The above prices are for 13% VAT total: 1500000 yuan



1. Warranty period: The warranty of complete equipment is one year, (wearing parts : thyristor, compensation capacitor, furnace lining is not covered by warranty, equipment leakage is not covered by warranty )

2, the completion of the construction period: after the contract is signed, 15 days to come up with a specific design plan, equipment manufacturing period of 30 days.

Third, the settlement method and term: Party A pays a deposit of 30%, and pays 70 % before issuing Tianjin Port .


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