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Special steel long bar induction heating and quenching production line
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The quenching and heat treatment production line consists of two parts: quenching and tempering; the quenching heating part is composed of two sets of medium frequency power supplies with different powers and multiple sets of heating induction coils. The total power of the quenching part is 750Kw, the total power of the tempering part is 400Kw, and the bus length reaches 38.62. Meter, in which the spray part consists of three sets of spray rings.


Basic process and technical parameters:

Bar diameter range (mm): Φ30-80

Bar length range (mm): 3000-6000

Bar material: 45, 35CrMo, 42CrMo, 4140, 4145, etc.

Quenching temperature: 900-1200 ° C

Tempering temperature: 500-680 ° C

Maximum production capacity: 2t/h

Ensure that the core of the material is diathered to meet the quality requirements of quenching and tempering

Straightness requirement after bar material quenching and tempering: less than 1mm/m (tentative) based on the straightness of the original bar, and the total length is less than 6m.


The spray ring is fully enclosed, which prevents splashing of the spray liquid and facilitates the return of the spray water. The relative position of the grading sprinkler is adjustable, and a sump is used to recover the quenching liquid to avoid splashing of the spray water. Each stage of the sprinkler system has a separate water pump and electronic flow meter to make it controllable.





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