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5T iron melting furnace
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5T iron melting furnace suitable for iron, the end of iron, iron scrap and molten, the molten iron is cast iron in a furnace dedicated

5T iron melting furnace equipment configuration: intermediate frequency power supply , capacitor cabinet, tilting furnace control box, furnace body (steel or aluminum shell), reducer and bracket (or hydraulic station), water cooling cable, etc.; above are standard product data, can Design non-standard products with different power and different melting speed according to user needs;


A, 5T iron melting furnace equipment configuration :




IF power cabinet

KGPS12- 3000KW -0.5S

1 set

capacitor bank

DR- 3000

1 set

Steel shell body

GW- 5T

1 set

Tilting system

Reducer or hydraulic

1 set

Water cooled cable

DH-SL- 6 00

1 set

Cooling system

ZXZ - 200 T

1 set


B, 5T iron melting furnace performance characteristics

1. Zero voltage scanning soft start mode, which can be started or stopped at any time under any state, without impact on the power supply;

, rapid melting ( single furnace melting time can be < 30 minutes ) , low production cost ( ton of electricity consumption < 550 degrees ) ; low pollution, in line with environmental requirements;

, can be directly melted from the cold furnace, the solution can be completely emptied, the replacement of the melt material is convenient;

, power adjustment is flexible and convenient, can be continuously and smoothly adjusted; uniform temperature and easy control, less oxidation loss, uniform metal composition;

, the furnace shell is made of cast aluminum alloy or steel structure, the floor space is small; the furnace body is easy to turn over and tilt, and the manual, electric and hydraulic tilting furnace can be selected.

C , aluminum shell 5T iron melting furnace and steel shell 5T iron melting furnace selection

Aluminum 5T iron melting furnace body inexpensive, easy to maintain, easy to observe. The disadvantage is that the efficiency is low and the electromagnetic radiation is unshielded.

1. The steel shell body is sturdy and durable, beautiful and elegant, especially the large-capacity furnace body, which requires a strong rigid structure. From the safety point of the tilting furnace, try to use the steel shell furnace.

, using steel structure welding, there is a leak-proof furnace alarm device, the inductor is surrounded by a yoke, covering an area of more than 65% . Because the magnetic leakage is small, the efficiency is high, and the energy consumption of the aluminum shell furnace is nearly 5 %.

, the existence of the furnace cover reduces the loss of heat, but also improves the safety of the equipment.

, long service life, aluminum oxidation at high temperatures is more serious, resulting in metal toughness fatigue. At the foundry enterprise site, it is often seen that the aluminum shell furnace shell used for one year or so is broken, and the steel shell furnace has much less leakage current, and the service life of the equipment greatly exceeds that of the aluminum shell furnace.

, safety performance steel shell furnace is much better than aluminum shell furnace, aluminum shell furnace in the smelting due to high temperature, heavy pressure, aluminum shell is easy to deform, poor safety. The steel shell furnace uses a hydraulic tilting furnace and is safe and reliable.

D , 5T iron melting furnace equipment cooling method selection

, closed cooling method ( recommended )

Light weight, small footprint any mobile place;..... Directly without digging pools also need to install a cooling tower pumps pipes, etc., that is, avoiding large and complex construction also saves water cooling plant sites

Fully enclosed soft water circulation cooling, to prevent pipeline blockage caused by debris; avoid scaling of electrical components, can greatly reduce the failure rate of intermediate frequency furnace, extend the service life of equipment; automatic digital display temperature control, energy saving and environmental protection, easy installation and operation Simple maintenance;

, pool + water pump + cooling tower The water in the pool is pressurized into the equipment through the pump, and the effluent flows back to the pool for recycling. The cooling tower emits heat in the water, and the cooling tower cools the circulating water with strong wind, which can effectively increase the heat dissipation and reduce the user's pool;

, pool + water pump The water in the pool is pressurized into the equipment through the water pump, and the water flows back to the pond for recycling. Naturally emits heat through flowing water;

Different power and use the device, the required cooling water is not the same; our technicians will provide you with the data to match the size of the pool or cooling tower capacity needed equipment.


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